A Cultural Guide to Hosting Refugees from Ukraine

Hosting a refugee can be a daunting task and one for which there is little support. This content is provided free of charge to support you.

It contains cultural advice, help and tips collated by our team of experts, including one of our cultural coaches, Victoria Spaschenko, who is Ukrainian and is still in Kyiv and Dan Green, who runs a charity supporting refugees with their adaptation to local communities; and of course our own in-house team of cultural intelligence and inclusion experts.

We have set out to give a cultural overview – we are not experts in the practicalities of hosting refugees, but we do know lots about culture. For practical advice, you should speak to charities in your local region/country.

We are not making any charge for this content, but we would invite you to show your appreciation – if you wish – by making a donation to the Disasters Emergency Committee Humanitarian Appeal for Ukraine


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Mindset Map – Ukraine

A mindset map shows the key influences and cultural drivers of a national culture. It’s a handy reference point to start your learning about Ukrainian culture.



Victoria Spaschenko answers the top questions that people might have about Ukrainian culture and how it relates to having a Ukrainian guest in your home.


Culture and Communication

This video talks about the impact of culture on communication and gives you some advice on how to communicate in a more culturally intelligent way.

Video: Cross Cultural Communication

Culture and Communication  – Ukraine

This pdf gives you specific advice about how to communicate with people from Ukraine


Communicating without a shared language

This document will help you communicate with those who don't speak the same language as you.

Communicating without a shared language

Culture Shock and Refugees

Those fleeing traumatic situations may still experience culture shock. Dan Green talks about how you can help a refugee to adapt to living in your home giving practical advice.



This content obviously cannot cover everything – if you have any comments or would like to suggest questions for future updates, please complete the form below. Unfortunately, we cannot respond individually to all the questions we receive, but we will do our best to respond to them on this page thematically.

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