Deconstructing cultural situations

Scenario 1

- Gab, Georges and Karima are a close-knit team, based in Paris, France. They are the most experienced electronic engineers in the entire organization. They left school around the same time aged 16 or 17, and after a comprehensive apprenticeship have developed an instinctive feeling for diagnosing problems with complicated micro-circuits. Many better educated engineers have come to rely on their judgement and problem-solving skills.

Deconstructing cultural situations - Sony

- However, Poojah has a problem with them. They seem so old-fashioned and stuck in their ways. And they certainly don’t like her new approach. She seems to be full of pre-prepared management language; her management style is about relationships and motivation, but the team just don’t trust her. She needs to get them up to speed with the latest circuit boards they’ll be dealing with.  

- She specialized in electronic engineering at IIT Madras and has a PhD in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence from MIT. Very quickly she identified that Gab, Georges and Karima don’t have the knowledge or skills to work on the latest equipment which she has been tasked with developing.

- When she raised the problem with their manager, Christophe, he told her they were the best engineers the company had ever employed, and that if she couldn’t explain it to them, then it was her problem, not theirs. Christophe implied that her education and youth were vastly outweighed by his team’s wisdom and experience.