Deconstructing cultural situations

Scenario 2

- Gab, Georges and Karima are a close-knit team, based in Paris, France. They are the most experienced electronic engineers in the entire organization. They left school around the same time aged 16 or 17, and after a comprehensive apprenticeship have developed an instinctive feeling for diagnosing problems with complicated micro-circuits. Many better educated engineers have come to rely on their judgement and problem-solving skills.

Deconstructing cultural situations - Sony

- Initially Poojah had a problem with them, but she spent a couple of days listening to them and working with Christophe – their manager and began to see their processes and thinking patterns were highly tuned. She was very clear with them that she had as much to learn as they did – and that their experience would be a huge advantage as they work on developing new equipment.

- Christophe too started to understand Poojah. His team feels a little threatened by latest circuit board, but Poojah’s open authenticity and learning attitude has shown him that they have some transferable skills. After a couple of weeks, Karima and Gab already identified several bugs. Poojah was able to present some technical restrictions, but it was Georges whose idea fixed the bugs – quickly, practically and without a huge design change, which would have set the project back a while.

- The initial wariness has almost gone, but prospects are looking good for the future as the team starts to work together.