Presenting Across Cultures Training

PresentingAcross Cultures

Presenting with impact and presence can look and feel different from country to country. Not accounting for local cultural norms of appropriate behaviour can derail the most well-intentioned presenters. Being able to adapt while maintaining the central purpose of your presentation requires cultural agility and planning. This session looks at: Meeting preparation – understanding how to make a good impression. Audience-orientation – plan and deliver with cultural nuances in mind. Structuring your presentation for the cultural preferences of your listeners. Make your messages memorable with culturally appropriate imagery, examples and technology. Handle question and answer sessions with authenticity.

Participants will:

  • Significantly Increase confidence when presenting to different cultures
  • Adapt successfully to cross-cultural surprises and shifting expectations
  • Create a positive first impression that engenders trust and engagement
  • Connect messages to the needs of your audience through greater awareness cultural context
  • Develop a wider range of communication skills and techniques to increase impact

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