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Diversity has long been recognized as a critical attribute of successful teams. But managing diversity has often been left to intuition, gut instinct or even blind faith. Team Profiler enables teams to achieve breakthrough levels of collaboration and performance by identifying diverse working styles. A shared team assessment and automatic online report provides insights on where underlying differences exist together with guidance and advice on how to work more productively together.

Here's how it works. Follow our simple four step process to power up your team.

Step 1. Create your team: Simply select the colleagues you want to include in your team profile and the system will send an automatic email invitation. Once accepted by your colleagues and team members, their profile will be automatic included in the team analysis and results.

Step 2. Analyze your team's results: A snapshot of your team’s cultural range is immediately produced to view across 9 key dimensions. Identify the range and dominant orientation of the team and receive analysis on your team’s score for each dimension.

Step 3. Manage the range: The system will then automatically rank the dimensions to highlight here there is greatest range in the team’s scores. The bigger the range, the greater the potential challenges for team cooperation BUT the greater the opportunity to benefit from diverse views and inputs. Tips and guidelines provide clear and actionable strategies to help teams overcome the challenges of differences whilst focusing on exploiting full value from their diverse styles and perspectives.

Step 4. Team member comparison: The final step encourages team members to explore differences with one another by sharing individual profiles. This helps to build even greater appreciation as to the unique strengths and attributes each member can bring.

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