The Inclusive Leader

Published on February 11th, 2021



Innovation can lie unrealised within organizations. Leaders who create an inclusive climate of psychological safety where it is safe to be oneself, safe to ask for help or to make a mistake, ensure room for innovation and collaboration to flourish; and are thereby investing in long-term business success. This session will assist with: Raising self-awareness – Understanding personal cultural and contextual influences. Understanding positive and negative micro-behaviors; Developing inclusive communication skills: empathetic listening; creating shared understandings, giving constructive feedback, demonstrating contextual sensitivity.

Participants will:

  • Work more effectively across diverse cultural boundaries: geographies, timezones, organizations, generations, ethnicities, religions, values and beliefs
  • Demonstrate more contextual intelligence when communicating sensitive issues
  • Understand the behaviors needed to create the right environment for transparency and honest communication
  • Increased confidence to take a stand and to articulate values and why they matter


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