Managing Unconscious Bias Training For Employees



Organizations succeed when all their people succeed. The more your people become free of the constraints of unconscious bias the more your business will leverage the value of difference. This plays a significant role in achieving great performance, high productivity and successful collaborations.. Explore what is meant by unconscious bias. Understand the relationship between cultural differences, stereotypes and bias. Identify key types of unconscious bias affecting the workplace. Explore positive and negative behaviours and the power of role modelling to influence others. Learn practices for teams to improve inclusion and collaboration.

Participants will:

  • Greater self-awareness of one’s own personal and cultural lens and how that drives unconscious bias
  • More quality conversations with a wider range of contacts
  • More psychological safety to enable unconscious bias to be called out in a positive way
  • Greater awareness of the mindsets and behaviours that bypass unconscious bias and drive conscious collaboration (CARE)
  • Commitment to simple actions to increase inclusivity


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