Working Together When Working Apart Training

Working TogetherWhen Working Apart

High value individual contributions of workers all over the globe are enabling companies to transform their operations. Managing contributors remotely is fundamental to supporting organizational agility. Learn clear principles for managing individuals and processes across the demands of operational and psychological distance. Identify the 10 things remote workers want most from ‘distance leaders’. Focus activities for managing people, expectations and performance around a simple framework. Explore through ‘peer to peer’ learning and short scenarios, specific issues and skills for leaders of remote workers. Reduce uncertainty through the clear management of information. Heighten awareness of personal online management style.

Participants will:

  • Establish trusting and deep relationships with remote contributors
  • Increase levels of empowerment and confidence when engaging and working at distance
  • Develop proven communication strategies (and technology mixes) that minimize the psychological distance
  • Establish higher levels of motivation with guidance on how set clear expectations and responsibilities between remote workers
  • Create and apply a simple 4 step structure for leading and supporting individual contributors

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