WorldPrism™ CQ Assessment

WorldPrism™ Cultural Intelligence Assessment

The WorldPrism™ cultural assessment was designed with one objective in mind: Provide a simple (but not simplistic) tool for recognizing and adapting to a small, but powerful set of cognitive and behavioural differences found in cross-cultural situations. Since its development in the 1990s, the WorldPrism™ assessment has been completed by over 3 million users in 260 countries, ensuring a model that is intellectually sound while also being highly practical.

The WorldPrism™ assessment is at the core Country Navigator platform. The feedback and comparison tools provides learners with a deep understanding of their own cultural and workstyle preferences together with the option to compare with colleagues, teams and over 100 national cultural profiles. Interactive e-learning, skill based modules, country pathways link to each individual’s profile to create a highly personalised learning experience. The future of a CQ enabled workforce is not simply being able to recognise diverse styles and underlying cultural differences. It is developing the skills to adapt, to blend and co-create unique solutions.

Participants will:

  • Identify their cultural work styles based on 9 dimensions of culture
  • Receive in depth feedback on their positions
  • Compare with colleagues, teams and national profiles to identify areas of differences
  • Receive expert guidance on how to manage and adapt to differences
  • Utilise their Worldprsim profile throughout their learning journey to create a personalised and prioritised learning plan and pathways

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