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The business focus on diversity has shifted from compliance to value-creation. In a borderless workplace, the breadth and depth of cultural intelligence in an organization determines whether differences between people will become a negative force or the catalyst for innovation and growth. The critical positive factor is not the presence of diversity, but the presence of inclusion.



Organizations are increasingly dependent for their competitiveness on how well virtual teams can collaborate across borders. Collaboration is not achieved by simply asking people to work well together. Virtual collaboration, in particular, requires a disciplined approach that focuses all team members on the critical factors for success. This ebook shows how to form, develop and run great virtual teams.



Stability and predictability in markets are things of the past. Agility is the new currency for business success. A matrix organizational structure promises a higher degree of agility, but often fails to deliver. This ebook shows the solution lies in creating the conditions for alignment, discipline, quality and faster decision making to beat matrix inertia.

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“Country Navigator offers a great learning experience with a mix of different resources. Users can understand their own cultural profile and compare their behaviors with peers and countries. The tool is very accessible and available when and where you need it most.”

Francois Fournier, Global Learning & Management Development Director