Country Navigator is the No.1 platform for cross cultural training for expatriates. Our tools help you navigate new environments and sensitive situations with online assessment, assignee coaching programmes, and app-based info for when you’re on the go.


From cultural comparisons to personal assessment, Country Navigator’s WorldPrism™ profiling tool offers business-critical solutions to help individuals adjust and adapt to new environments, with individual, team or country profiling.

Our unique WorldPrism™ technology features instant access to over 100 Country Insights and helps users integrate and collaborate for better performance.

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Country Navigator’s flexible and accessible On Demand Business Essentials pathways develop knowledge and awareness of the world’s leading business cultures and help users identify and manage cultural differences in new markets and with diverse teams.

Available 24/7 via desktop and mobile, our tools can be used every day, on the ground, and on the move.

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From leading, motivating and inspiring colleagues in a new country to giving & receiving culturally sensitive feedback, our expert Country Coaches offer personalised cultural training for expatriates.

Blended digital and coaching support for families helps them prepare for culture shock and understand the settling in phases - Honeymoon, Disillusionment, Culture Shock, Acceptance, and Adjustment.

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With over 28 years’ of experience under our belts, we’re experts in supporting global businesses successfully navigate their complex and unique challenges. Let’s explore how we could help you.

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“Country Navigator offers a great learning experience with a mix of different resources.
Users can understand their own cultural profile and compare their behaviors with peers and countries. The self-directed learning paths offer additional resources for anyone motivated to learn more. The tool is very accessible and available when and where you need it most.”

Francois Fournier, Global Learning & Management Development Director, Criteo