Provide your employees with all the knowledge and street smarts they’ll need to successfully settle into a new country, giving them accurate and precise cultural support at a time when they’ll need it most.


Tailored to your specific needs and budgets, Country Navigator’s mobility programmes are flexible and designed to help employees embrace change.

We believe every trip, transition or move provides unique opportunities for growth and evolution. Our bespoke programs are created to help your people adjust and adapt to their new environment, welcome new, diverse experiences and ultimately, settle safely into their new climate.

Use this training to ensure your teams feel supported and confident of their transition and guarantee continuous, positive business performance.

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For those that need ongoing, continuous support, provide on-demand, country-specific information through our Assignee Life portal.

Every individual’s needs are different. And that’s why giving them access to on-demand information, when they need it, can be critical for those who have relocated. Country Navigator’s flexible, self-access portal puts the power in your people’s hands.

Assignee Life enables you to provide anytime access to reliable, on-demand information and learning pathways on over 100 countries. Whether you want to promote individual reflection through our unique assessments tool or allow users access to expert Country Coaches to personalise their support, this portal extends the knowledge of the business traveller to ensure success from day one.

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We only have one chance to make a first impression, so equip your global workforce with the vital information they’ll need as soon as they land in a new country.

Do they shake hands in Japan? What are the common time-keeping practices of India? In Brazil, should you speak up in a meeting? It’s easy to commit unknown cultural faux pas if you don’t understand much about the places you’re visiting.

Country Navigator contains expert analysis and cultural insights for doing better business, all easily contained in downloadable reports. Covering over 100 countries in total, this business-critical information allows your people to communicate, integrate and successfully collaborate with any team, anywhere in the world.

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With over 28 years’ of experience under our belts, we’re experts in supporting global businesses successfully navigate their complex and unique challenges. Let’s explore how we could help you.

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Moving somewhere new can be incredibly daunting to your employees: ways of working, cultures and even conducting business can all be immediately different. Give them the information and tools they’ll need to succeed.

Country Navigator’s training programs are designed to facilitate the development of a global mindset in your employees. That means we’ll show them how to work confidently in a new culture, how to overcome country specific challenges and even how to settle in socially. All this support helps your organisation minimise disruption and maximise on employee productivity, regardless of their location.

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“Country Navigator offers a great learning experience with a mix of different resources.
Users can understand their own cultural profile and compare their behaviors with peers and countries. The self-directed learning paths offer additional resources for anyone motivated to learn more. The tool is very accessible and available when and where you need it most.”

Francois Fournier, Global Learning & Management Development Director, Criteo