High ImpactPerformance Development Groups

Country Navigator's unrivalled network of over 300 learning consultants, trainers and coaches are experts in creating high, impact and compelling live learning experiences. Our single aim is to ensure your learners get the most out of every experience so they can quickly shift from learning to doing

High ImpactPerformance Development Groups

Performance Development Groups create sustainable learning outcomes by giving groups of learners the tools to explore and solve the real-world cultural intelligence and inclusion challenges they face.

Our learning design, production capability and seamless technology remove the distractions and allow our coaches to create engaging and impactful learning experiences. Using our expertise in facilitating virtual learning, we ensure that learning makes a difference, has long-lasting impact and develops the key skills global organizations need.


Highly targeted workshops designed to focus on key performance topics and outcomes.

Duration: 2 hours

Group size: Max. 14

V-Class Engage

Solutions built around learning pathways, combining both live and self study components.

Duration: 2 - 4 hours

Group size: Max. 14

V-Class Journeys

Build your own tailored solution as part of blended journey with virtual workshops, masterclasses and coaching.

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"As a sponsor of the event, I felt proud as I could observe that the confidence and feeling of recognition increased among the Indian team and this was maintained in a sustainable way afterwards. In particular, I believe it was very effective that consultants chose a mixture of methodologies/ The facilitators we had were of excellent quality and were truly inspirational"

Nora Elisabeth Haberg, Vice President - Strategic Projects, Xellia