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Country Navigator is the No.1 platform for cultural intelligence and inclusion training.

Whether you’re addressing the culture and beliefs of a team, company or country - we help individuals and groups assess and adapt their behaviour with expert insight and practical advice.

Inclusion. Innovation. Collaboration.

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Digital Blend

Expand your experience with our blended cultural training offer and our unique WorldPrism™ tools & analytics at its core

Discovery With Worldprism™ profiling

1. Inclusion

Extroverts, introverts, neurodiverse, non binary, short, tall, full time, part time, parents, dog lovers. Our Diversity & Inclusion Training programmes help everyone recognise the difference - and the value it adds to your business - tackling unconscious bias and changing behaviour along the way.

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On demand engagement with platform & content

2. Collaboration

Change can be challenging - whether you are in a new country or a new team. Our Cultural Intelligence programmes help individuals see how their unique perspective contributes to a successful business relationship, and how to adapt their behaviour to different ways of thinking, fostering cultural collaboration.

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Live learning trainer / coach led sessions

3. Innovation

The next big idea is already inside your business. And it’s diverse thinking that’s going to find it. It’s proven that organisations with more inclusive, diverse teams outperform their competitors by nearly 35%. Our programmes embed inclusion and collaboration to boost innovation.

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“Diversity Science… will prove to be a key source of innovation”
Matthew Syed, Rebel Ideas: The Power of Diverse Thinking


Country Navigator’s unique profile assessment tool. 1.5 million users worldwide. Personalised user experience.

  • Help users understand their cognitive and behavioural differences
  • Share data across teams to enhance understanding
  • Gap analysis to compare individuals, teams and countries
  • Immediate insights and strategies to improve communications

Delivering real world support for our clients

Arcelor Mittal

Empowering nearly 200,000 employees to develop skills in global collaboration, virtual team working and leadership development.

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PSA Peugeot Citroen

Seamlessly integrating cultural intelligence into existing corporate programmes to shape trust, aid understanding and ultimately deliver enhanced team performance.

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Supporting an increasingly diverse employee and customer base by enabling teams to inspire global collaboration, manage virtual teams, avoid conflict and more.

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IE Business School

Preparing the next generation of global leaders with insightful, real world learning of international business and how to succeed in today’s fast-changing corporate landscape.

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Country Navigator has been deployed in both app mode as well as part of structured learning pathways to target specific country awareness skills and general cultural intelligence.

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Our evolutionary journey with BP integrated our subject matter expertise with existing BP content combined with our strategic virtual delivery capability.

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To facilitate deep collaboration between employees, Country Navigator worked with the Development Education Office to develop four complementary instructor led workshops and learning paths aimed at each key audience group.

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The overall aim was to reduce the barriers between the teams and to kick start a new approach to collaborative working which would maximize the cultural aspects which had previously been seen as "issues" and not as opportunities.

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Your Country Navigator

Our tools teach you to understand and value differences with online assessment, expert insight, and app-based info for when you’re on the go.


From cultural awareness to personal and team assessment, we offer practical real world solutions to help individuals and groups adapt their behaviour for better performance. Our inclusion training tools can be used every day, online and on the ground, from catch up calls to multinational mergers.

We help you build relationships. So you can build your business.

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Everyone’s wired differently and it’s proven that diverse teams can unlock innovation. Our cultural awareness training helps individuals and teams understand their own ways of working, so they can work better together.

Harness the power of diverse thinking for better performance.

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It’s a fact. When CQ levels are high, diverse teams get better results.

Country Navigator’s unique blend of assessments, tools and learning support ensure teams identify and manage work style differences seamlessly, creating more cohesion, enhancing teamwork and delivering you impact.

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