Cancellation policy

Once “Customer” confirms delivery of a training session directly with TMA World in writing, cancellation fees will apply if the delivery of the training session is subsequently cancelled or postponed by “Customer” in line with the following terms: 

Notice Period (calendar days)   % Cancellation Fee  
29 or more days   0% of the fee  
22 – 28 days   25% of the fee  
15 – 21 days   50% of the fee  
8 – 14 days   75% of the fee  
0 – 7 days   100% of the fee  


  • In the event of a cancellation or postponement of a training session by the “Customer” at twenty-nine (29) calendar days or more before the start date of the Service, no charges shall be incurred by the “Customer”; 
  • If such a cancellation or postponement is made within twenty-eight (28) calendar days of the start date of the Service, this will incur a percentage of the fees for the cancelled service, including any non-refundable expenses as above.

The above cancellation fees exclude travel costs. In the event TMA World incurs travel penalties or fees due to changes or cancellations, the “Customer” will be liable for these provided they are reasonable and proof of receipts of the actual costs incurred is provided. 

Where cancellation of a program is caused by TMA World due to events within TMA World’s control, TMA World will be liable for any non-reimbursable costs incurred by the “Customer” upon proof of receipts of the actual costs incurred. 

Costs to be reimbursed will be capped at a limit no greater than 50% of the delivery fee of the program or session cancelled.