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June Masterclass

June - Masterclass:

Courageous Conversations - Microaggressions and Allyship

The Challenge

Teams can get comfortable with the way things are, falling into a risk-avoiding trap that stifles creativity and new-thinking. Problems are hard to overcome and new ideas are not encouraged.

The Solution

This masterclass and learning path will present the concept of cognitive diversity and constructive conflict, using the WorldPrism model of culture to see how to turn difference into innovation and creativity.

The Outcome

– A first step toward cultural intelligence
– Greater self- and other awareness
– Simple cultural strategies

July - Masterclass:

When does now mean later? - Worldprism and Time

The Challenge

Multitasking or focus on one thing? When is 'now'? Misunderstandings about time are not just frustrating, but can cause significant business challenges. But different perceptions of time can be a strength.

The Solution

This masterclass and learning path will unpack cultural attitudes to time, show you how you can account for them and find the benefit of different understandings of time.

The Outcome

– Time and deadline clarity
– Practical ways to align team and personal priorities
– Greater self- and other-awareness

July Masterclass



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“As a sponsor of the event, I felt proud as I could observe that the confidence and feeling of recognition increased among the Indian team and this was maintained in a sustainable way afterwards. In particular, I believe it was very effective that consultants chose a mixture of methodologies/ The facilitators we had were of excellent quality and were truly inspirational”

Nora Elisabeth Haberg, Vice President – Strategic Projects