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We work with academic institutions to engage and support international students. Delivering the best cross-cultural awareness training to those in higher education.


Universities and colleges have been challenged to provide their graduates with job-ready skills. Increasingly, reports are showing that employers are looking for technical skills combined with a high level of interpersonal skills; similarly, inclusion has moved to the top of the agenda for all organizations. Cultural intelligence is the foundation of interpersonal communication and inclusion.

Cultural intelligence will give your graduates a competitive edge in the workplace, will help you academics teach students from around the world more effectively and help your student-facing teams support students as they experience the cosmopolitan, multicultural context of your campus. Country Navigator can offer your institution focused learning pathways, cultural induction programs and bespoke learning to ensure that cultural intelligence is at the heart of your students’ learning and your support services.


Open to all students across a variety of programs and modules, Country Navigator has made students more aware of the critical value cultural intelligence brings to communicating, collaborating, and interacting with the highly diverse body of students and faculty.

Country Navigator’s cultural assessment and online feedback is available for all international team members at IE, including faculty and admissions to help understand the needs of their diverse student body and to deliver the best student experience possible. Cultural intelligence is a key skill that future business leaders need and building the attitude, awareness, knowledge and skills gives IE Business School students a head start as they enter the


Leading GLOBAL Minds since 1973

IE Business School is a global leader in executive education for nearly fifty years. Its graduates are in demand around aworld, equipped with the mindset and skills to stay on top in an ever-changing world. 


With a focus on developing next generation leaders with the ability to interact and collaborate seamlessly in complex, international environments, IE Business School identified that Cultural Intelligence was a key learning requirement.

Country Navigator - the Right Partner

They chose Country Navigator as the ideal digital platform to the school’s Cross-Cultural Intelligence modules.

Our Learning methodology

Country Navigator’s unique Worldprism™ is the start of cultural intelligence (CQ) and inclusion. Giving students an understanding of their own cultural preferences.

Worldprism™ prepares them to interact with others. Not only can they become aware of difference, they can develop the cultural skills business need in a globalized workplace.


Country Navigator opens the window on business practices around the world, helping future entrepreneurs and business leaders leverage cultural and cognitive diversity and accelerate their careers.


Country Navigator supports staff in building a greater awareness of cultural styles, which will inform teaching, support services and inclusive collaboration.



Country Navigator gives students the ability to anticipate cultural difference, overcome culture shock and thrive as future inclusive leaders in business.



Give your graduates a competitive advantage by building cultural intelligence into your programs and careers services. Country Navigator’s library of digital content works with your existing content to put a cultural intelligence lens on the high-quality education you already provide.


Andrea G.

I enjoyed the comparison of my cultural profile to the UK. So much of what I sensed but couldn’t describe became very clear.

Marcelo C.

I speak English well so wasn’t expecting this big change. In the end small things started to really annoy me but Country Navigator has helped to explain a lot. Talking to other international students as well makes me realise I’m not the only one feeling out of place.

Hrishikesh B.

The international dimension is the reason I am studying here and I love the mix of nationalities and perspectives on the program. The Country Navigator pathways have helped us think about differences from the point of view of the value they can bring.

Developing Cultural Intelligence (DCQ) FOUR part SERIES

The Developing Cultural Intelligence series is made up of eLearning, videos, reflections and activities which give a comprehensive guide to developing cross-cultural skills. Taking learners on the journey from basic introduction to developing culturally intelligent organizations, the learning path challenges students to learn the key concepts, apply them to their situations and practice them in their work lives.
Designed as self-study or coach-guided learning, learners will go beyond simplistic tips and are empowered to develop advanced adaptive strategies to negotiate the complexities of the global workplace.

Learners will:


  • Learn how culture impacts their understanding of the world and workplace
  • Understand how to avoid false cultural assumptions and stereotypes
  • Build effective culturally intelligent work behaviors and skills
  • Develop advance adaptive strategies to harness the power of diversity

Get started today!

Video resources

The Worldprism™ cultural assessment

The Worldprism™ assessment and profiling tool enables students to gain personalised insights into their own cultural style and preferences. Video feedback provides analysis of completed profiles together with insights and guidance on how to recognise differences and adapt successfully. Click on the following to learn about four of the dimensions that make up the nine dimensions of the Worldprism framework.

The Individual Group Dimension

The Task Relationship Dimension

The Risk Taking Style

The Risk Avoiding Style


Country Guides

Whether learning about the cultural preferences of an international cohort or researching the business culture of a country for a project, Country Navigator’s video guides and learning paths will help staff and students alike become more internationally effective and inclusive. With more than 100 countries, updated regularly,  intercultural business has never been easier to deal with.

See for yourself, by viewing the four sample videos below.


Making a Good Impression

Working Together

Managing Relationships

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Over a million learners from the world’s greatest organisations are now embracing cultural diversity and getting better business results thanks to Country Navigator. Check out our success stories to learn how we’ve helped organisations just like yours.


“We are pleased with the impact the program is making on our business. Country Navigator is not only providing us with a world-class cultural awareness platform but also helping to implement it successfully. They are consummate professionals and a pleasure to work with. Country Navigator is a valued contributor and we are very pleased with the impact the program is making on our business.”

Jennifer Macadlo, Global Learning Organization, Nielsen


“Country Navigator offers a great learning experience with a mix of different resources. Users can understand their own cultural profile and compare their behaviors with peers and countries. The self-directed learning paths offer additional resources for anyone motivated to learn more. The tool is very accessible and available when and where you need it most.”

Francois Fournier, Global Learning & Management Development Director, Criteo


“Our people have really benefited from the practical advice offered within the tool and the cultural top tips. Country Navigator has proved to be a useful learning asset for all levels within the organisation, from established and emerging leaders to team members.”

Janice Washington, Talent & Organizational Development, Moody's


Why is Country Navigator important in Higher Education?

Today’s students are tomorrow’s influencers, leaders and change agents. We have worked with some of the biggest global business in over 120 countries and recognize how crucial CQ is. Talent professionals are actively looking for graduates with an understanding of how to work globally. CQ is a central feature of collaboration, problem-solving, communicating and inclusion.

Country Navigator can support employability and careers teams add value to graduates by launching them into the workplace with a cultural intelligence toolkit to help them stand out from their peers.

Can I build Country Navigator into existing courses and lesson plans?

Yes. Country Navigator can provide detailed guides, lesson plans and facilitator notes to help teaching staff integrate and debrief our content. In addition to extensive reporting on learner usage and completion, we can offer a range of technical integration options with SSO and Xapi.

How is Country Navigator used in Higher Education?

Country Navigator fits into every stage of the student journey.

Whether a placement year or an international student arriving for the first time, our country guides give the preparation globally mobile students need to hit the ground running. WorldPrism™ will help students and faculty alike understand their own cultural preferences, compare profiles and develop advanced adaptive cultural strategies.

Higher Education is characterized by exposure to new cultural experiences – Country Navigator can be the guide that helps make sense of the world and thrive in the global campus.

Is Country Navigator valid and reliable?

Country Navigator and WorldPrism™ have undergone extensive validation testing in a wide variety of settings and contexts. Since its launch in 1998, more than 1.5m users from over 230 countries have completed the assessments and learning paths, providing data to ensure consistency and criterion validation in both practical and theoretical environments.

Country Navigator, part of the TMA World group, remains at the forefront of researching and developing innovative learning tools and technologies that build inclusive and collaborative talent, teams and organizations.

EXCEPTIONAL CQ TRAINING FOR Exceptional Universities

Free, Evaluation License

To help you explore how Country Navigator can support your CQ goals, sign up below and receive complimentary access to review all features of the platform in your own time. Please note we require all users to have a valid academic/institutional email address. This offer includes:

-Up to 5 complimentary licenses per institution
-Access to all features and content areas for 4 weeks
- Access to example learning pathways and all premium content areas.