Live Training

Country Navigator's unrivalled network of over 250 learning consultants, trainers and coaches are experts in creating high, impact and compelling live learning experiences. Our single aim is to ensure your learners get the most out of every experience so they can quickly shift from learning to doing


Our coaches are both language experts and experienced business leaders, recruited from a broad spectrum of industries. Many of them are former directors with firsthand experience working in intercultural business environments. They have a thorough understanding of the challenges professional learners face every day and can provide advice on both improving cross-cultural communication and business language skills.


Short, intense and highly targeted our Kickstart sessions are designed to support learners meet immediate and pressing business challenges.

Duration: 3-6 hours

Group size: 1 or intact team

V-Coach Engage

Tailored coaching pathways built around the needs of the coachee.

Duration: 5-10 hours

Group size: 1 or intact team

V-Coach Journeys

Build your own tailored solution as part of blended journey with virtual workshops, masterclasses and coaching.

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