Practical reports on over 100 different countries to give business travellers critical information for maximum performance.


How should one greet someone new in China? What’s the best way to leave a meeting in Brazil? Use over 100 regularly updated country guides and access practical information to make the best first impression.

Whether your people are sat in the airport or in a taxi on the way to your next destination, our downloadable, available anywhere country guides provide extensive expert advice and guidance on business etiquette, time management, dress codes and more to help those on the move. Improve collaboration, enhance teamwork and avoid breaking unknown taboos too.


Enabling you to develop more detailed country insights with teams who need it most.

Whilst our country guides are great for getting to know a specific country and its foibles, there may be times when you need your teams to undertake more structured activities to enhance their knowledge. Country Navigator’s learning pathways give users access to rich media, scenario-led experiences which hone in on increasing their understanding of specific countries.

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Using AI-powered data models users are able to immediately understand themselves and how to adjust according to the country they’re in.

With instant insights on over 100 different cultures, easily compare yourself to other countries across a broad range of thinking and behaviour patterns. Comparative analysis allows your employees to easily recognise where gaps may exist, as well as providing them with real, tactical information to help them adapt across differences.


With over 28 years’ of experience under our belts, we’re experts in supporting global businesses successfully navigate their complex and unique challenges. Let’s explore how we could help you.

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When you’re travelling for work often, it can be a whirlwind of airports, faces and countries. So how can your people build strong business relationships when they’re constantly on the go?

As globalisation rises, so does a business need to collaborate and cooperate with a rising number of countries and cultures. Workforces are on the move, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still need to be adaptable. Our growing library of country-relevant information gives your travelling, transient teams the critical information they need to build bridges, enhance relationships and foster a wider understanding of the world around them.


“I have found Country Navigator to be an exceptionally supportive, professional and above all collaborative partner who understands BP’s values and importantly the complexity of the organisation. They have demonstrated consistently their ability to design, develop and most importantly deliver high quality virtual learning at scale. They have been indispensable over the last 2 years in evolving our leadership academy offer and providing a high quality experience for BP leaders. “

Robin Lilley, Head of Leadership Capability Academy, BP