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Transitioning to working in a new country and new culture can mean a steep learning curve both at home and at work. Help to reduce the cognitive load with pre-departure learning as well as just-in-time online assets. This self-paced learning online covers specific target cultures as well as the generic culture shock and settling in experiences which are common to all overseas assignments.

Assignee learning paths cover:

  • Analyzing your own cultural preferences and seeing how they compare with your host country’s norms and styles
  • Developing a deeper understanding of cultural values and behaviors and how they impact business functions in your host country
  • Building trusting relationships with colleagues, partners and customers from your host country
  • Identifying personal development areas and specific commitments for moving forward

Participants will:

  • Personal strategies to leverage value from the different ways of working
  • Making the ‘right’ first impressions
  • Running effective meetings
  • Establishing and sustaining relationships
  • Making presentations
  • Identifying and managing conflict productively
  • Leading, motivating and inspiring colleagues
  • Giving & receiving culturally sensitive feedback

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