Handling Difficult Conversations At Work Over Distance

Handling difficult conversationsover distance

Although not easy, difficult conversations can actually build both individual and team performance, and enhance trust in you as a leader. Leaders who have the skills required to conduct difficult conversations positively and convey difficult messages well will draw higher performance from their teams. In this session you will develop interpersonal and communication skills to handle conflict and difficult conversation, the content covers: How to communicate effectively in both physical and virtual environments. Key tips for written communications and emails. Reduce uncertainty through the clear management of information. Getting the language and messaging right. Choose the right medium for the message. Attentive listening, powerful questions and motivational feedback.

Participants will:

  • Communicate clearly, simply and concisely
  • Enhance listening skills
  • Manage difficult conversations
  • Optimize virtual team communication management across multiple time zone
  • Overcome resistance through attentive listening
  • Create mutual understanding across geographies, culture and communication styles
  • Build trusting relationships through effective global communication

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