High Performance Team Training & Online Workshop



Hierarchical structures in business are making way for a new flatter structure – networks of teams. Research shows that a focus on teams, not just on leaders, is key to delivering results. The session includes: Defining team collaboration, importance of self-awareness. Team process: Phases of development, understanding team challenges, setting a clear team direction, building an inclusive team culture, developing team adaptability. Communication skills – navigating the roadblocks to shared understanding. Focus on effective organization of team structure and team processes. Dealing with conflict and change in teams. Team cultures – facts, attitudes and behaviours of three key organizational types.

Participants will:

  • Experience the benefits of teamwork first-hand / Identify critical success factors for building high performance teams
  • Develop skills in three key areas: shared leadership, communication, and adaptability
  • Explore team dynamics in relation to different styles – learning, culture
  • Identify initiatives for improving teamwork capabilities


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