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Ongoing transformational change and environmental uncertainty are making greater demands on organizations to be highly responsive and agile. Consequently, managers must enhance their ability to manage themselves and their people under conditions of increased turbulence and stress. In this session you will analyze your resilience building blocks and identify where resilience could be boosted, discuss how the leadership styles that are best suited to times of ambiguity and stress would work for you and your team, articulate the specific sources of VUCA for your team / organization. And how a focus on coaching individuals to develop their own resilience and increase their agility in difficult times will maintain engagement and boost agility and productivity.

Participants will:

  • Better self-awareness of personal resilience quotient and how to modify to boost resilience and agility
  • Identify countermeasures to VUCA turbulence – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity
  • Recognize and manage stress in themselves and others
  • Sustain employee motivation and engagement through turbulent times
Turbulent Times