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The ability to manage and leverage cultural differences plays a significant role in achieving great performance. High productivity, successful collaborations and breakthrough innovation depend increasingly on culturally adaptable managers. This session focuses on building increased self-awareness by profiling your dominant cultural orientation and explores: the preferences of cultures across the globe; key attributes of managers in different countries and cultural groups. Understand how to adapt your management style and management activities to different preferences and styles. Explore strategies (A-E) for dealing with difference and discuss when each strategy is appropriate to use. Identify different communication styles and when to apply these to enhance shared understandings across cultural, geographic and linguistic barriers.

Participants will:

  • Create the conditions to enable others to work positively across borders, time zones and cultures
  • Help others understand how cultural orientations affect attitudes and actions
  • Manage team members from different cultures to ensure they work together effectively
  • Manage conflict and misunderstanding between team members that may arise from different cultural perspectives and communication styles
  • Take cultural differences into account when monitoring, reviewing and appraising performance of others
  • Coach others to manage challenging cross-cultural situations
Managing Across Cultures