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Your business is growing, evolving and changing daily. Your workforce spans the globe and needs critical cultural skills to thrive in the borderless workplace.

Employees with high cultural intelligence (CQ) understand the complexities and nuances of the individuals they work with daily. This understanding can help to bridge differences, encourage wider knowledge transfer, increase productivity and ultimately, help your business flourish and grow.

Help your people embrace diverse perspectives and thinking through cultural assessments, better understand themselves through profiling and contextualise countrywide differences through detailed, accurate country information.

Enhance Your Teams’ CQ


Not everyone thinks and communicates the same, which can lead to challenges in the workplace. This becomes even more prolific when teams span geographical locations too. Empower your people to embrace diversity and see your productivity skyrocket.

If our teams aren’t working together, they’re not working. Our range of collaboration services are designed to enable your teams to reflect on their own ways of working and give managers scope to spot gaps and potential challenges within the team. Through pre-built, curated learning resources we help your teams navigate through diverse working environments, enhancing their knowledge and equipping them with the essential skills they need to transcend borders.

Upskill Your Teams


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Diversity and inclusion are more than just meeting agenda items. To create truly open, inclusive and diverse workplaces, our entire workforce must be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to make real change.

It’s a proven fact that more diverse workplaces outperform their competitors. So if you’re looking to unlock the potential of your people through D&I, our range of services will support you in a variety of ways including getting your teams up to speed quickly, upskilling people to better understand what diversity means and how to make it a reality in the workplace. Equality is an equitable business approach, and it’s time your workforce embraced the change.

Support D&I In Your Organisation


Transformation and change are inevitable in business; in fact, they’re critical to your survival. Ensure your employees are equipped with the skills and support they need to welcome ambiguity and actively support change in your business.

In recent times, our workplaces have been rapidly disrupted and radically transformed. Change will continue to be a constant; Country Navigator provides your people with the resources, skills and capabilities they’ll need to effectively manage shifting corporate landscapes, all whilst improving productivity, introducing efficiencies and embracing a global, borderless workplace.

Extend The Skills Of Your People


Effective, inspiring leadership is the lifeblood of your business. Give them the support and guidance they need to encourage global collaboration and develop the agility needed to keep a competitive edge.

Today’s leaders are contending with volatile and complex workplace environments which can commonly span continents. Country Navigator develops intuitive leaders which are capable of navigating complicated global workforce challenges all whilst fostering an open, diverse working culture. We help you create leaders who inspire, motivate and lead your business to greater success.

Unleash Your Leaders


Your global workforce is on the move, and sometimes for more than just a business trip. Support them through their relocation process and provide them with the essential knowledge for a successful transition to a new culture.

Country Navigator’s training programmes are all about developing a global mindset - fostering that in your business travellers is essential. Our mobility and travel services show your employees on the move how to work in a new culture, how to conduct business in new locations and even how to make the best first impression.

Support your people throughout their entire journey and ensure they make the most of working and living in their new host country.

Actively Support Business Travellers


With over 28 years’ of experience under our belts, we’re experts in supporting global businesses successfully navigate their complex and unique challenges. Let’s explore how we could help you.

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