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One, two or three steps to inclusion, collaboration and innovation – it’s up to you.

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1. Inclusion
Discovery With WorldPrism™ profiling tool

Extroverts, introverts, neurodiverse, non binary, short, tall, full time, part time, parents, dog lovers. Our Diversity & Inclusion Training programmes help everyone recognise the difference – and the value it adds to your business – tackling unconscious bias and changing behaviour along the way.

2. Collaboration
On demand engagement with platform & content

Change can be challenging – whether you are in a new country or a new team. Our Cultural Intelligence programmes help individuals see how their unique perspective contributes to a successful business relationship, and how to adapt their behaviour to different ways of thinking, fostering cultural collaboration.

3. Innovation
Live learning trainer / coach led sessions

The next big idea is already inside your business. And it’s diverse thinking that’s going to find it. It’s proven that organisations with more inclusive, diverse teams outperform their competitors by nearly 35%. Our programmes embed inclusion and collaboration to boost innovation.

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Global Leadership & Transformation

Today’s leaders have never before had to navigate such challenging times. Our cross cultural leadership training is there to support leaders, from inclusion and collaboration to making the difficult decisions necessary for transformation and change.

Mobility & Travel

Country Navigator is the No.1 platform for cross cultural training for expatriates. Our tools help you navigate new environments and sensitive situations with online assessment, assignee coaching programmes, and app-based info for when you’re on the go.

Diversity & Inclusion

It’s proven that organisations with more inclusive, diverse workforces outperform their competitors by nearly 35%. Our Cultural Diversity and Inclusion training helps everyone recognise the value of inclusion for better performance.

Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

From cultural comparisons to personal and team assessment, we offer practical real world CQ training to help individuals and groups adapt their behaviour for better performance. Understanding yourself is the first step towards understanding others.

Team & Collaboration

Effectively managing cross cultural team performance is critical to competitive advantage and it’s proven that diverse and culturally intelligent teams can unlock innovation. We help individuals and teams understand their own ways of working, so they can work better together.

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“We are pleased with the impact the program is making on our business. Country Navigator is not only providing us with a world-class cultural awareness platform but also helping to implement it successfully. They are consummate professionals and a pleasure to work with. Country Navigator is a valued contributor and we are very pleased with the impact the program is making on our business.”

Jennifer Macadlo, Global Learning Organization, Nielsen