Effectively managing cross cultural team performance is critical to competitive advantage and it’s proven that diverse and culturally intelligent teams can unlock innovation. We help individuals and teams understand their own ways of working, so they can work better together.



Individual, team or country profiling. Country Navigator’s cultural intelligence training tool helps users understand their cognitive and behavioural differences and provides immediate insight and strategies to improve communication and performance.

Our unique WorldPrism™ technology allows users to share data across teams to enhance cross cultural collaboration, with a gap analysis to compare individuals, teams and countries.

Country Navigator diversity and inclusion tool


Managing cross cultural teams is based on the crucial self awareness that comes from cultural intelligence and inclusion, and as such, benefits from many of our self study solutions.

Country Navigator’s resources teach teams communication, authenticity, respect and empathy (CARE), and can be used every day, online and on the ground, from catch up calls to multinational mergers.



We are not just learning and development experts, but business consultants – the majority of Country Navigator’s coaches were global industry leaders, and they bring first hand experience of managing cross cultural remote teams to our Team & Collaboration virtual workshops and interactive masterclasses.

Particularly important as we increasingly occupy a digital-virtual space, our experts help you ensure clarity and mutual understanding, fostering cultural collaboration.

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With over 28 years of experience under our belts, we’re experts in cultural diversity and inclusion in the workplace, supporting global businesses successfully navigate their complex and unique challenges. Let’s explore how we could help you.

Country Navigator WorldPrism country comparison tool


“We are pleased with the impact the program is making on our business. Country Navigator is not only providing us with a world-class cultural awareness platform but also helping to implement it successfully. They are consummate professionals and a pleasure to work with. Country Navigator is a valued contributor and we are very pleased with the impact the program is making on our business.”

Jennifer Macadlo, Global Learning Organization, Nielsen