Success stories from
around the world

Over a million learners from the world’s greatest organisations are now embracing cultural diversity and getting better business results thanks to Country Navigator. Check out our success stories to learn how we’ve helped organisations just like yours.

Achieving shared goals

across countries and virtual teams

Xellia pharmaceuticals is an anti-infective specialty pharmaceutical company. They have manufacturing sites in Denmark, Hungary, China and the United States, as well as contract manufacturers in India. They are a business to business company working with more than 500 pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

For Xellia Pharmaceuticals, successful implementation and management of the contract manufacturers is a pre-requisite for success; this is both due to the value of the pharmaceutical products outsourced and the reputation and compliance aspect of pharmaceutical production.

Increased collaboration

and meaningful conversations

With a truly diverse workforce of over 2,700 employees, with more than 50 nationalities and 30 offices around the world, Criteo truly embraced the importance of cultural intelligence training. Learn more about how Criteo utilised Country Navigator’s learning pathways and app to give their people on-the-go access to cultural insights.

Effective global

management & mobility

Creating an environment of cultural acceptance is paramount to PSA Peugeot Citroen’s success. As an international business with over 170,000 employees, they needed their people to develop an in-depth knowledge of international working styles and help those relocating to swiftly adapt to their new host country.

Country Navigator helped PSA shape employee trust, aid understanding of cultural intelligence and ultimately deliver enhanced team performance for continued business success.

Diversity, inclusion &

global collaboration

ArcelorMittal University prioritises cultural intelligence and appreciation in everything they do. Having been partnered with Country Navigator since 2006, cultural intelligence is a core component of their learning pathways and programmes for learners across the world.

Diversity, inclusion &

global collaboration

Inspiring and facilitating global collaboration is paramount to successful multinational organisations. Currently employing over 11,000 people across over 40 countries, Moody’s’ ambitious global growth plans needed support. They knew they had to start training management on global leadership to ensure the successful launch into new markets and used Country Navigator to inspire global collaboration, manage virtual teams, avoid conflict and improve communication. And it’s worked.

International students &

cross-cultural intelligence

IE Business School attracts students from over 128 countries for their post-graduate qualifications. To prepare this generation of global leaders for the borderless workplace, IE integrated Country Navigator into their Cross-Cultural Intelligence module, making students more aware of the value of cultural diversity in decision making, communication and collaboration.

Globally dispersed

leaders and managers

BP have a highly skilled and geographically dispersed workforce in some of the remotest locations on our planet. As one of the world’s leading oil and gas providers they work in culturally diverse markets, where high fidelity leadership is a crucial ingredient for effective performance.

BP Group Learning have many award winning digital learning resources to support their leadership population and they are leading the trend when it comes to virtualizing their leadership curriculum.

Our evolutionary journey with BP integrated our subject matter expertise with existing BP content combined with our strategic virtual delivery capability.

Deep collaboration

between employees

Novartis Oncology is the largest therapeutic division within Novartis, encompassing over 5000 people in 50 countries responsible for developing new and innovative treatments for cancer sufferers.

Part of this division is Oncology Development, a unit of approximately 1700 people, charged with the development of pipeline drugs through the testing, trial and delivery phase so that patients globally can benefit from the best possible treatments in a timely and safe manner.

Individuals within the development function are increasingly multi-cultural in the background and operate in a matrix environment in terms of reporting structure.

A flatter more virtual operation has led to a change in the nature of inter-personal relationships with new skills needed in order to manage, lead and work globally.



It’s time to prioritise cultural intelligence. If you’re ready to embrace the new borderless workforce, get in touch today.

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