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With over 170,000 employees across the globe Stellantis needed all employees to develop an in-depth understanding of global working styles to ensure collaboration, community and productivity across continents.




Understanding diverse workstyles is the crux of successful global teams. With our new borderless society, our closest colleagues may be based hundreds, or thousands, of miles away. Successful businesses know they must empower their people with the skills to form deep, trusting relationships with their colleagues no matter their geographical location. And that’s the exact problem Stellantis (formerly PSA) came to Country Navigator with in 2012.

Stellantis wanted closer integration of their global teams, and specifically needed all employees to develop an in-depth knowledge of international working styles. They were looking to build trust, aid comprehension of differences and ultimately deliver enhanced team performance for continued business success.

Always-on Support, Globally
Always-on Support, Globally



Stellantis deployed Country Navigator’s groundbreaking online platform to provide their people with reliable advice, guidance and support – whenever they needed it. With practical, focussed information for different management and employee groups worldwide, Country Navigator facilitates true global collaboration across any device, anywhere in the world.

With different content based on need and job role, Country Navigator gave Stellantis' people clear, actionable advice on how to work better with peers across the globe. With tips to help identify areas of improvement and guidelines to success in their role and interactions, Country Navigator quickly became the one source of truth for Stellantis employees. So much so, the offering has now been built into Stellantis' global mobility processes to provide support to employees and families living abroad.

What Stellantis Say

“Country Navigator is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool that we have simultaneously integrated into our corporate programmes and offered to all our employees worldwide. We get very positive feedback from all our users, which shows that these resources are highly valued.”

Céline Williams, International Learning & Development Lead



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