Remote working and globalisation are on the rise. Your people are no longer confined to one country. But to facilitate productive global teams, you need to equip your people with the cultural intelligence skills they need to thrive in the new, borderless workplace.


Self understanding is the first step to fostering true cultural intelligence. Allow your people to investigate the impact and effects their actions and assumptions may have in the workplace with Country Navigator’s Cultural Assessment tool.

Our unique WorldPrism allows users to compare themselves to their team members and other countries across 9 parameters such as reflection, communication and more. This robust tool helps managers to easily identify areas of conflict - long before they arise, and receive instant guidance on how to enable their teams to adapt to build powerful connections across cultures.

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Creating a good first impression is hard. It’s even harder in a new cultural environment. When your people are travelling for work, equip them with the knowledge they need to form effective relationships from the outset.

Whether it's for a business trip, or working with overseas colleagues remotely, country understanding goes a long way. Country Navigator’s Country Insights cover over 100 countries and empower your people with the knowledge and insights they need to make the right impression and foster strong, resilient business relationships way beyond the first interaction.

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Build CQ skills and recognise talent with our expert learning pathways.

Cultural intelligence is becoming more prevalent in business, so help your people to become true cultural intelligence masters with our learning pathways. Each pathway takes no more than 45 minutes and combines critical information and resources your teams will need to build the core foundations of CQ.

These pathways are certain to support your global workforce, are ready-to-go and will help your teams become masters when it comes to working and collaborating with colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

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With over 28 years’ of experience under our belts, we’re experts in supporting global businesses successfully navigate their complex and unique challenges. Let’s explore how we could help you.

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Achieve unrivalled results by prioritising cultural intelligence throughout your organisation.

Simply having a geographically spread organisation is not enough to reap the rewards of a diverse workforce. To truly make the most of the myriad of perspectives and ways of thinking in your organisation, you must empower your people to build strong connections with their colleagues, no matter their location. They must truly comprehend and respect the cultural differences across the world, and understand that working together is the only way to foster resounding success for the wider organisation.

Foster that intelligence through a singular platform solution: Country Navigator.

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“Country Navigator offers a great learning experience with a mix of different resources. Users can understand their own cultural profile and compare their behaviors with peers and countries. The self-directed learning paths offer additional resources for anyone motivated to learn more. The tool is very accessible and available when and where you need it most.”

Francois Fournier, Global Learning & Management Development Director, Criteo