Organisations with more inclusive, diverse workforces get better business results. In fact, they outperform their competitors by nearly 35%. So how can you create an inclusive, collaborative workplace in which diverse ideas and approaches can thrive?


Get your teams swiftly up to speed with critical D&I knowledge through Country Navigator’s pre-built learning pathways.

Collaboration for global businesses like yours cannot wait. So ensuring teams understand and action core skills in diversity, inclusion and equality shouldn’t take months. Our ready-to-go learning pathways collate the critical information and resources your people need to embrace diverse thinking, welcome different perspectives and ultimately help your entire business flourish.

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Helping you harness the potential of the collective mind by encouraging wider collaboration through communication, authenticity, respect and empathy.

Getting your teams to really communicate and work well together involves a wide range of skills, which many individuals just haven’t had the time or space to hone. Our Conscious Collaboration training course focuses on how we can use our differences to create a collective hive mind, and get results that would never be possible through singular thinking.

Give your people a grounding in diverse thinking and watch performance skyrocket.

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The significance and cultural impact of diversity and inclusion is not yet fully embraced everywhere. Use our detailed country guides to provide insights on the global markets that matter to you.

As you’ll well know, success in global markets depends greatly on understanding their local practices, cultures, customs, social cues and more. But we also know that D&I varies greatly from country to country, so understanding the nuances of distinct viewpoints on diversity and inclusion is critical.

With over 100 detailed country guides, Country Navigator empowers your people to navigate and understand even the most complex local conditions and ensure they’re up-to-speed on these matters at critical times.

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With over 28 years’ of experience under our belts, we’re experts in supporting global businesses successfully navigate their complex and unique challenges. Let’s explore how we could help you.

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Enable your organisation to gain a true, competitive advantage through unleashing the potential of your diverse workforce.

Diversity, equality and inclusion is more than wanting these values in your organisation. In order for businesses to truly bed in D&I, and therefore benefit from it’s value, it must be a part of your culture.

Country Navigator is designed to help your people recognise and embrace their differences through knowledge. By upskilling your employees on this business-critical matter, you increase their understanding and comprehension of cultural nuances, enhancing communication, collaboration and performance.

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“Country Navigator is a comprehensive and user-friendly intercultural platform that we have simultaneously integrated into our corporate programmes and offered to all our employees worldwide as a corporate on-line intercultural tool. We get very positive feedback from all our users which shows that these resources are highly scored and valued in our global company.”

Céline Williams, International Learning & Development Lead, PSA Peugeot Citroën