Diversity and inclusion

It’s proven that organisations with more inclusive, diverse workforces outperform their competitors by nearly 35%. Our Cultural Diversity and Inclusion training platform helps everyone recognise the value of inclusion for better performance.

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Diversity and inclusion

The challenge

Diversity, equity and inclusion are not only ‘hot topics’ and DEI training programs are not only a trend, but they are also essential success factors to any business. Organizations that do not tap into diversity are less effective, less productive and less profitable. Without inclusive behaviors and skills to match your policy documents, the business not only risks legal challenges, but will not best utilize its talent, be less able to connect to customers and be unable to engage employees. Without DEI training programs, employees will lack the confidence to talk about diversity issues, will reject initiatives as ‘political correctness and will continue to act out microaggressions, allowing unconscious bias to negatively impact equity and fairness. 


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Diversity and inclusion

The solution

Our learning focuses on why DEI is important to your learners – both ethically and practically. Giving learners tools that help build relationships, trust and performance through inclusive behaviors and attitudes means that it goes beyond rules and ‘diversity fatigue’. Workplace diversity stops being a problem and is reframed as a competitive advantage that can be leveraged through inclusive behaviors.


Diversity and inclusion

The outcomes

For the organization:

  • Implement a real change in attitude and culture: equitable and inclusive behaviors as default
  • Greater retention and attraction of talent, higher employee engagement, better employee experience

For the individual and team

  • Better, more effective relationships, greater respect and openness to difference
  • Feel respected and valued
  • Greater productivity, innovation and creativity
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How we

support you

All learners have access to the Country Navigator platform, with our unique WorldPrism cultural assessment and profiling tool, 100’s of hours of high-quality learning resources. Learners can follow one of our pre-designed learning pathways, create their own personalized learning path or a learning path that we can tailor to your organizational needs. 

All our digital content can be combined with live one-to-one or group coaching, workshops or masterclasses, facilitated by one of our world-leading cultural intelligence and inclusion coaches.

Managing Unconscious Bias

Explore positive and negative behaviours and the power of role modelling to influence others. Learn practices for teams to improve inclusion and collaboration.

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Conscious Collaboration

Culturally intelligent collaboration is at the heart of inclusive and effective teams – teams which are innovative, creative and great places to work.

Inclusive Leadership

Understand what inclusive leadership is and identify best practices for inclusive leaders.

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We are passionate about supporting organizations become more culturally intelligent and inclusive. Ask us how we can partner with you.

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Delivering real world support

for our clients


Xellia pharmaceuticals is an anti-infective specialty pharmaceutical company. They have manufacturing sites in Denmark, Hungary, China and the United States, as well as contract manufacturers in India. They are a business to business company working with more than 500 pharmaceutical companies worldwide.


Novartis Oncology is the largest therapeutic division within Novartis, encompassing over 5000 people in 50 countries responsible for developing new and innovative treatments for cancer sufferers.


Large scale virtual classroom delivery. Globally dispersed leaders and managers at BP.

IE Business School

To prepare this generation of global leaders for the borderless workplace, IE integrated Country Navigator into their Cross-Cultural Intelligence module, making students more aware of the value of cultural diversity in decision making, communication and collaboration.


With nearly 3,000 employees and 50 nationalities in 30 offices around the world, Criteo has had an expansive and sudden growth, becoming a global market leader in its field within just 10 years.


Due to Moody’s continued focus on global markets and supporting an increasingly diverse employee and customer base, cultural intelligence is a critical ability for the organisation.


When Arcelor and Mittal Steel merged to become the world's largest steel and mining company, they embarked on an ambitious strategy of global transformation to create alignment around a new brand identity, vision and values.


With over 170,000 employees across the globe PSA needed all employees to develop an in-depth understanding of global working styles to ensure collaboration, community and productivity across continents.


“Country Navigator offers a great learning experience with a mix of different resources. Users can understand their own cultural profile and compare their behaviors with peers and countries. The self-directed learning paths offer additional resources for anyone motivated to learn more. The tool is very accessible and available when and where you need it most.”

Francois Fournier, Global Learning & Management Development Director, Criteo