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April - Masterclass:

Saying No to Power

The Challenge

Saying no causes worry and threatens relationships. In times of change, we want to show willing and be positive. But saying no is really hard and often we do anything to avoid it.

The Solution 

This masterclass and learning path will explain why being able to say no is essential. Learners will build confidence and have a structure to say no that benefits them and the business.

The Outcome

– Greater confidence

– Reduced stress and anxiety

– Better decision making



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“As a sponsor of the event, I felt proud as I could observe that the confidence and feeling of recognition increased among the Indian team and this was maintained in a sustainable way afterwards. In particular, I believe it was very effective that consultants chose a mixture of methodologies/ The facilitators we had were of excellent quality and were truly inspirational”

Nora Elisabeth Haberg, Vice President – Strategic Projects, Xellia