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Watch or participate in our latest CQ events and stay up to date with our take on culture, inclusion and global leadership, with the help of international cultural intelligence experts.

January - Masterclass:

Reimagining Innovation

For many countries, January is a time of new starts. And what better new start than rethinking how you and your team approach creativity and innovation?

Come and join us as Andrew Wright shares how you can add value to your team by leveraging cognitive diversity through genuine inclusion.

You’ll learn a new approach to creative problem solving, develop a future-oriented mindset and embed innovation at the heart of your team.

February - Masterclass:

Reading between the lines

February 21st is International Mother Language Day – the day we celebrate linguistic and cultural diversity. It’s the day we recognize that there is more to communication than speaking the same language.

Join Andrew Wright as we look at how communication can work better and learn how to maximize the potential for understanding in communication.

You’ll hear tips on how to communicate across cultures more effectively, learn how to adapt your style to be more impactful and recognize how to reduce misunderstandings

March - Roundtable:

Culture, Women and Leadership

Join us to celebrate International Women’s Day as we ask three people their views on women in leadership. We’ll be dealing with such questions as:

  • Should we offer leadership development for women?
  • Is the role of women in leadership dependent on culture?
  • How can we build a more inclusive leadership culture?

You’ll have the chance to ask your questions to this expert panel as we confront the challenges head on.


Being you - Uncovering culture in a global team

Cultural intelligence requires a balance between your authentic self and adapting to other cultural perspectives.

The only way to get that balance right is to understand your own cultural influences, and how culture has made you the person you are.

Join our expert facilitator Charlotta Brynger as we peel away the layers of culture and help you understand your cultural make-up using the WorldPrism as a framework.


Cross-border working 

Don’t stumble on the border!

Your business operates across borders every day, but if you don’t upgrade your processes, skills and communication style with cultural intelligence, then you might just trip up.

Join Andrew Wright, one of Country Navigator’s senior consultants as we look at how you can increase the performance and productivity of your international team and how you can develop the skills your team needs to be more effective.

May - Podcast launch

Matthew and Nikki talk to their guests about how to see the world and current events through a cultural lens.

Each month, we’ll have a look in-depth at one of the big events and see how culture can help us make sense of it.


Saying no to power

Elton John sings that ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word.’ That may be true, but another really hard word is ‘no.’

Saying no causes stress, challenges the strength of relationships and can cause conflict. But it’s essential not only to get our jobs done well, but for our wellbeing. If we say ‘yes’ all the time, we set ourselves up to fail.

Dr. Andy BroughDr. Andy Brough will help you learn when and how to say ‘no’ and give you the confidence to be assertive across cultural borders. You will benefit and your organization will too.


Develop your global mindset

Complexity and ambiguity are the new normal. And most of us now operate in an international context, crossing time zones as often as we do cultural borders in hybrid and virtual situations.

With Dr. Andy Brough, our expert facilitator, come and look at how we can operate effectively in international teams by taking a global perspective to our skills development.

You’ll grow your cultural intelligence, gain greater insight into the global working and be able to perform at a higher level


Including you - Why you need inclusion

Most people now understand the importance of inclusion in making organizations more equitable. But is there a benefit to you?

Our expert facilitator, Ana Vukovic, will discuss not only how inclusion can make your job better for you, but also how to be inclusive using cultural intelligence.

You’ll learn how to engage and include your colleagues, build better relationships and create greater collaboration.

September - MASTERCLASS:

Culturally Intelligent psychological safety

When people don’t speak up or challenge each other, when they don’t want to take responsibility, organizations stagnate and fail. The corporate graveyard is full of organizations destroyed by avoidable mistakes and unchallenged bad decisions.

Psychological danger sees talented people stay silent, it’s characterized by exclusion and bullying and damages your reputation, employee wellbeing and organizational performance.

Megan Anderson, a senior consultant at Country Navigator will introduce you to the

September - conference:

Cultural intelligence and inclusion

This conference will bring together thought leaders, practitioners and learning professionals to celebrate cultural intelligence and inclusion and look at the future – how is the field developing? What innovations in the thinking and practice of CQ and inclusion should we be aware of?

Join us and take part in a series of sessions that showcase practical ways to develop cultural intelligence and inclusion at the organizational and team level.

And why not nominate your organization or a colleague or trainer for one of our awards?

October - Masterclass:

Culturally Intelligent decision-making 

To make good decisions, we must have access to good information. But if we lack cultural intelligence, we could be interpreting data incorrectly and making the wrong assumptions – not only about the data but about the people we are relying on.

Our facilitator, Dr. Andy Brough, will help you re-examine the way you make decisions, using cultural intelligence integrated with some more familiar tools.

You’ll have greater confidence that your decisions are better, you’ll be more inclusive in your behaviors and will be able to overcome unconscious biases.

November - Masterclass:

Back to basics - Managing microaggressions

Every single one of us is prone to micro-aggressions – and we don’t notice most of them. But they hurt and undermine our inclusive intentions. Leaving them unaddressed is not an option.

Megan Anderson, a senior consultant at Country Navigator, will help you understand the impact of microaggressions and give you actionable tips and suggestions to try and avoid them. Most importantly, we will also look at how to repair relationships when we’ve committed a microaggression.


Giving feedback across cultures

Not many people enjoy receiving feedback and fewer are good at giving good feedback. But feedback is an essential success factor – done well, it leads to growth and greater innovation. And if you don’t factor in cultural differences, your feedback is unlikely to be effective.

Andrew Wright, a senior Country Navigator coach, will help you understand how to give great impactful feedback which can be adapted to the cultural styles of the recipient.

You’ll become more confident, more effective and more culturally intelligent – and your



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“As a sponsor of the event, I felt proud as I could observe that the confidence and feeling of recognition increased among the Indian team and this was maintained in a sustainable way afterwards. In particular, I believe it was very effective that consultants chose a mixture of methodologies/ The facilitators we had were of excellent quality and were truly inspirational”

Nora Elisabeth Haberg, Vice President – Strategic Projects, Xellia