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Giving feedback across cultures

Not many people enjoy receiving feedback and fewer are good at giving good feedback. But feedback is an essential success factor – done well, it leads to growth and greater innovation. And if you don’t factor in cultural differences, your feedback is unlikely to be effective.

Andrew Wright, a senior Country Navigator coach, will help you understand how to give great impactful feedback which can be adapted to the cultural styles of the recipient.


Back to Basics - Managing Microaggressions

Diversity and inclusion are at the top of agendas everywhere. But DEI inspires fear and apathy equally – what if I get it wrong? Why should I bother? Engaging in DEI conversations is tough.

This masterclass and learning path look at the foundation issues and give practical ways for everyone to make a positive impact, benefiting themselves and others.


Culturally Intelligent Decision Making

With 30,000 decisions made each day, we need confidence that we get the importance right. But we often base decisions on faulty input, we don’t account for culture or the way our brain works.

This masterclass and learning path examines the ways our brain makes decisions, proposing cultural intelligence as a framework to remove false assumptions. Learners will gain practical ways to make better decisions.


Including You - Why You Need Inclusion

The 2020’s have challenged all organizations to rethink their attitude to inclusion. Your working relationships and team performance suffer if you do not prioritize inclusive behaviors. Exclusion costs you and your organization time, money and resources.

This masterclass and learning path give you both the ethical and business case for you investing in inclusion – and they show you how you can incorporate inclusive behaviors into your work.


Develop your global mindset

In a VUCA context, a lack of cultural intelligence can further hinder effective business relationships, creativity and productivity. A global mindset is one of the most looked for skills in leaders.

This masterclass and learning path will help learners operate effectively in international teams by helping them understand the skills to manage the VUCA context using cultural intelligence.


Saying no to power

Saying no causes worry and threatens relationships. In times of change, we want to show willing and be positive. But saying no is really hard and often we do anything to avoid it.

This masterclass and learning path will explain why being able to say no is essential. Learners will build confidence and have a structure to say no that benefits them and the business.


Cross Border Working

We all work with people from other cultures – different expectations, styles and behaviors. Without a proactive approach to managing cultures, we can never achieve the team’s potential.

This masterclass and learning path deconstruct culture and give practical ways that cross-border teams can work with a cultural lens, increasing productivity and performance.


Reading between the lines

February 21st is International Mother Language Day – the day we celebrate linguistic and cultural diversity. It’s the day we recognize that there is more to communication than speaking the same language.

Join Andrew Wright as we look at how communication can work better and learn how to maximize the potential for understanding in communication.

You’ll hear tips on how to communicate across cultures more effectively, learn how to adapt your style to be more impactful and recognize how to reduce misunderstandings


Reimagining Innovation

Teams can get comfortable with the way things are, falling into a risk-avoiding trap that stifles creativity and new-thinking. Problems are hard to overcome and new ideas are not encouraged.

Facilitator: ​Andrew Wright. Andrew started his Communications, Media, and Coaching career in the television industry. He spent 10 years as a broadcaster, journalist and producer for the Radio and Television industry, including a period living and working in the Falkland Islands supporting the armed forces community stationed there. Andrew’s career has brought him into contact with people in an eclectic range of multinational and multicultural environments. His experiences have ranged from managing hostile media scenarios, running a network editorial team, producing live news broadcasts, writing for Network Television, running cross-cultural projects and managing 3 businesses.


Be Radical, Be Empathetic

In hybrid and cross-border working, the human element often gets lost. Research shows that leaders must be more empathetic to be effective. A lack of empathy hurts team culture, team performance and team outcomes.

Facilitator: ​Anne Mosley is a creative facilitator, collaborator and coach, who is passionate about working with diverse cross-cultural communities. With a background in teaching, theatre and therapy, a Masters degree in ESOL, and certificates in coaching, drama therapy and Reiki,  she is able to offer intellectual rigor, emotional intelligence and creative solutions. Her coaching solutions are built around an experiential learning core and have evolved over the last decade through her work with individuals and groups from a variety of industries. Her focus is on supporting individuals and groups to chart the best course from challenge to growth and change. People and teams that know how to harness diversity and truly communicate to the best of their abilities create the most fruitful conditions for success.


The Inclusive leader

How often is inclusion a matter brought to the table at your company? Do you believe your organization is inclusive? If a new person joined your team, would they feel the same?

Facilitator: Andy Brough has designed and delivered a wide variety of negotiation, influencing and leadership programs ranging through South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, and as far a field as the Middle East, Malaysia, India, Singapore, China, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Panama, Poland, Malaysia, Germany, England and the USA. As a big picture-bottom line thinker, he facilitates around organizational and management development in effective communication, as well as transformational leadership and personal effectiveness. He combines this with extensive face-to face individual coaching as well as group facilitation and training. Andy is also a specialist in virtual classroom delivery and facilitation.


Power up hybrid teams

The flexibility of hybrid teams sometimes comes at the cost of clarity, transparency and sharing. Workers, used to oversight can lose focus and productivity and are less collaborative.

Facilitator: Jacquelyn Reeves was born in the USA and has lived in Germany for much of her professional life, enabling her to live and practice her values of empathy, intellectual curiosity, analysis and applying a real-world analysis in the personal context. As an experienced facilitator and adult educator on leadership across cultures, she intermediates between German-based companies, international executives and the outside world.  She is constantly updating her skillset and loves to learn more about the brain, perception and decision-making in the workplace, as well as to challenge leaders and groups to find collaborative ways through.

masterclass: power up hybrid teams


Creating psychological safety

Organizations are facing a problem. Their employees don’t feel comfortable challenging their leaders – they are afraid to disagree or speak out. Whether it’s questioning a risky decision or calling out problematic behavior, the silent majority remains silent and those who do speak out are silenced, ignored or left out. Turnover is high and creativity is low.

Facilitator: Mark Edwards is all about learning and change and having fun in the process.  He is an energetic, creative and insightful coach, consultant, trainer, facilitator and has created change for both individuals and global organisations.  Based in London, Mark has lived and worked in Brazil, South Africa and Israel and has also worked across Europe, India, Canada and the USA.  Mark is appreciated for his warmth, directness, clarity and ability to create safe and powerful environments for maximum learning.

masterclass: Creating psychological safety


Inclusion through CQ

The 2020’s have challenged all organizations to rethink their attitude to inclusion. Your working relationships, team performance suffer if you do not prioritize inclusive behaviors. Exclusion costs you and your organization time, money and resources 

This masterclass and learning path give you both the ethical and business case for you investing in inclusion – and they show you how you can incorporate inclusive behaviors into your work. You’ll learn how to use the Cultural Intelligence model to take practical steps towards inclusion and pick up suggestions that you can adopt to start making an immediate difference.

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Managing microaggressions

What happens when we let our unconscious biases drive our thinking, behavior and decisions? How can we expect our employees and colleagues to bring their whole selves to work if, by doing that, it makes them feel vulnerable? How can we deal with microaggressions effectively, as individuals and organizations?

Facilitator: Megan Anderson (Megan’s broad backgrounds spans over 18 years working in the field of corporate leadership development. This work has included the design and delivery of numerous leadership and team development programmes at all levels of leadership in both large and small organisations.)

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Is hybrid working a step towards equity?

Before COVID, you probably thought that flexible working would be a huge step towards inclusion and equity – just like most of us. But despite the huge increase in workplace flexibility, research shows that people of color and women have felt more excluded in the past 24 months.

Guest speakers:
Reed Kimbrough, Former Head of D&I at US steel; Leadership and D&I Consultant
Venetta Chambers Amory, Vice President and Director of DEI Americas at Lendlease
Laurence Gouldbourne, Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at MTREL

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“As a sponsor of the event, I felt proud as I could observe that the confidence and feeling of recognition increased among the Indian team and this was maintained in a sustainable way afterwards. In particular, I believe it was very effective that consultants chose a mixture of methodologies/ The facilitators we had were of excellent quality and were truly inspirational”

Nora Elisabeth Haberg, Vice President – Strategic Projects, Xellia