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Across Cultures

Even experienced cross-cultural workers have misunderstandings and frustrations when working with cultural difference. There can be a reluctance to modify communication style to resonate better with others. However, the ability to communicate sensitively across cultures will support shared understanding, more effective relationship building, better collaboration and ultimately better performance. In this session you will Increase self-awareness by profiling dominant cultural orientations and understanding your own place on the cultural spectrum. Discover the “whys” behind explicit and implicit styles of communication and how to adapt to each. Communicate effectively to other cultural styles in both physical and virtual environments. Adapt problem solving styles to different cultural reasoning preferences. Understand how communication preferences impact on managing conflict and giving feedback.

Participants will:

  • Deepen levels of curiosity and perceptiveness about other cultures
  • Create practical strategies for identifying and dealing with differences in communication style
  • Build trusting relationships through effective global communication
  • Manage cultural preferences when handling conflict and giving feedback
  • Be able to act appropriately out of choice, not habit
Across Cultures