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Leaders need to deliver high performance in agile and responsive structures. This requires working in networks of ‘mission-centric’ teams with a broad range of stakeholders. Attuned matrix leadership is critical to delivering results. Explore matrix structures and identify the type and purpose of your organizational matrix. Review the differences between operation in a complicated v complex environment and four key basic strategies to help overcome matrix roadblocks. Develop specific strategies to improve the quality of decision making in multi-stakeholder environment. Explore engagement and communication strategies for different communities of the business resulting from key decisions.

Participants will:

  • Become an ambassador for matrix leadership
  • Better navigation of obstacles that prevent effective matrix working
  • Role model the essential characteristics of collaborative leaders
  • Make better quality, faster decisions in a multi-stakeholder environment
  • Increase alignment around complex business decisions
  • Greater effectiveness in the implementation of strategic decisions
  • Intentional role modelling of behaviors which support matrix principles
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